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NEWS of 2013


March, 15th. Orthodox books day in Razvilka

On the 15th of March, the priest of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church Ilia Pankratov met with and gave a talk to kindergarten teachers of the kindergarten №15 “Zolotaya rybka”.

Orthodox literature was presented at the meeting. Father Ilia talked about its meaning in lives of orthodox people, their means to perfection and spiritual growth.

He had also talked about new books in orthodox children literature and answered numerous questions. Moreover, father Ilia visited the library of Lenin sovkhoz where he met with older group of the kindergarten №13 “Klubnichka”. The priest had talked to the kids about the history of first books appearance.

The kids were able to look through orthodox children fairy-tales with wonderful illustrations that father Ilia had brought with him. At the end of the meeting children received sweet presents - cockerel shaped candy sticks. Some orthodox books were donated from the church to the library.

March, 14th. Orthodox books day in Razvilka’s Vidnoe college

Within the bounds of Orthodox book’s day on March 14 in Razvilka’s Vidnoe professional college there was organized a meeting of students and teachers of the college with Fadeev  Anatoliy Alexandrovich, the Head of parish school of Joseph Volotskiy’s church.

Emphasizing the importance of utterance in a life of every person Anatoliy reminded everyone of typography’s origin history in Rus. He pointed out that nowadays, just as many centuries back, a church is a medium of knowledge and wisdom to which everyone can refer through orthodox books.

To all gathered the Holy Scripture and works of ancient and modern authors books were presented. During the meeting a discussion was launched on laws of being, world’s creation; questions regarding family’s well-being were also touched upon.

The students of the college showed their interest and willingness to meet again to discussion other questions which trouble them.

March, 13th. Meeting in “Skazka”

On the 13th of March, within the bounds of Orthodox book’s day the priest of Joseph Volotrsiy’s church of Razvilka Ilia Pankratov visited the center of child’s development, kindergarten №45 “Skazka”.

The teachers of the center were invited to the meeting where the largely selection of orthodox book was presented, among which the children’s literature was prevailing.

Father Ilia had briefly summarized the content of the most interesting books and had told about new orthodox publishers. After the quality talk the priest answered to the kindergarten teachers’ questions.

At the end of the meeting all those interested could buy books they liked.

March, 10-11th

On the 10th of March in Joseph Volotskiy’s church of Razvilka there was brought a miracle-working icon of the Mother of God “Softening of evil hearts”. At 8 o’clock in the morning the icon was welcomed by father superior priest Sergey Efimov with other priests of the church.

During the Devine Liturgy the icon was taken inside the altar. After the service was over, starting 11 a.m. the icon was placed in the center of the church and molebens with akathis reading were held before it until 1 a.m. at night. At 6 o’clock in the morning the last moleben was held.

The priests of Joseph Volotskiy’s church and the priests of Vidnoe deanery were participating in the reading of the akathis to the Mother of God.

During these twenty-four hours, since the icon’s arrival to Razvilka until its departure, crowds of church people kept coming and kissing the sacred icon.

February, 24th. Trip along Porvovka street

On the 24th of February, students of Sunday school of Rev. Joseph Volotskiy of Razvilka and parishioners of the church were given a class-excursion by the head priest Sergey Efimov. This time they visited churches of the Pokrovka street and Ivanov’s hill.

The trip began with visiting a chapel-monument that honors heroes who fell near Plevna. After that the pilgrims went to see the Church of St.Nicholas in Kleniki. There they listened to a very interesting excursion, got introduced to saints' lives of Alexius  and Sergius Mechevs and kissed the relics of the Saint righteous Alexius (specially for our group the reliquary of the Saint was opened and everyone could kiss his sanctified head). From there the excursionists headed for the Holy Trinity Church in Gryazi while stopping to see the church of the Unmercenaries Saints Cosmas and Damian (built by famous architect M.Kazakov) along the way. The head priest of the Holy Trinity Church in Gryazi, archpriest Ioann Kaleda who is the grandson of the priest-martyr Vladimir Ambartsumov, himself held an excursion around. He has told about the church and its main shrines: “The three blisses” icon and the relics of the Saint David Garedzhiysky, the founder of monkhood in Georgia.

Inspired by father Ioann’s tales the students went on to Ivanov’s hill, which is the old name for a place where used to be the Convent of Ioann. There they visited the Saint Vladimir’s church in Starie sadi and the Convent itself where everyone had a chance to kiss the miracle-working icon with a hoop of John the Forerunner.
The excursion finished with a visit of the All Saints’s church in Kulishki, from where all the exhausted but inspired students went home.

February, 23th

On the 23rd of February, 2013 there was a pilgrim trip to the sacred places of Serpoukov and Chekhov’s lands organized for the parishioners of Joseph Volotskiy’s church of Razvilka by the church’s priest Nikolay Tretyakov.

In Serpoukov city the pilgrims had visited the Serpoukov Vysotsky and the Presentation of the Mother of God Load’s Monasteries, the cathedral of St. Nicholas. Afterwards, everyone continued to Chekhov’s region where they could pray at the Davidov’s Monastery of the Ascension and visited the Reverend David’s baptismal fount in settlement Talezh. While at the Monastery the pilgrims had a chance to kiss the particles of the holy relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. George the Victorious, St. Pantaleon and many others.

After dipping into the baptismal fount and refreshing with monastic baked goods the pilgrims, full of positive impressions and full of received spiritual benefit, began their trip back home. We would like to express our gratitude to ATP OOO “Gazprom Vniigaz” for giving us a comfortable bus.

January, 27th

On the 27th of January, at the social security center “Nadezhda” in Razvilka a concert by the folk miniature group “Matreshechki” under the direction of Samsonova Elena Ivanovna (all are the member of the Church of Saint Reverend Joseph Volotskiy parish) was held through the active instrumentality of Toporkova Anna Semenovna, Honoured veteran of work and honorary resident of Razvilka. There was a show, Christmas carols and Russian folk songs performed for the participants.

After the concert was over priest Ilia Pankratov, the cleric of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church, had a welcoming conversation with elderly residents of Razvilka, talked about past church feasts and answered vital questions.

January, 20th

On the 20th of January priest Ilia Pankratov, the cleric of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church, on behalf of church’s parish has congratulated workers and readers of Razvilka’s library with the Nativity of Christ and the Feast of Theophany.

Father Ilia gave the following books to the library from the church as presents: “Nesvyatie svyatie” by archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), “Nebesniy ogon” by the writer Olesya Nikolaeva and “Raiskie khutora” by the priest Yaroslav Shipov. Also, he has presented the Icon of Christ of Edessa. At the instance of the library’s director Kurulyak T. father Ilia has sprinkled the library with holy water.

Afterwards, the folk miniature group “Matreshechki” under the direction of Samsonova E.I., which consists of the members of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church parish, has sang Christmas carols and Russian folk songs.

The director of the library has expressed his gratitude to the parish and he also hopes for further collaboration.

Holidays in kindergartens

During the Feast of Theophany holidays priest Ilia Pankratov, the cleric of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church, has visited Razvilka’s kindergartens: the combined type №15 “Zolotaya rybka” and the center of children progress №45 “Skazka”.

Together with the creative team “Christoslavy”, which that consists of Sunday school students of the saint Rev. Joseph Volotskiy’s Church and the Rev. Seraphim of Sarov’s gymnasium, priest Ilia wished happy holidays to the kids and told them about the Nativity of Christ. The creative team “Christoslavy” introduced Russian traditions of praising just born Christ during Christmastide to the kids and sang Christmas carols.

In return the inmates of kindergartens have shown their program that was specially prepared for this day. Upon the request of the director and kindergarteners the priest has aspersed the rooms with holy water.

At the end of the event all the kids have been presented with some gifts from the Church.

January, 20th

On the 20th of January, with the help of Sunday school students and Joseph Volotskiy’s Youth Club of Razvilka a holiday concert was organized.

The concert has begun with the performance of the smallest preschool group students.


They sang a few songs, and then the middle school students have shown their production of the Morozko tale. Youth club members have also sang a few songs and performed a ballroom dance.

The audience, who consisted of the members of Church’s parish, gave everyone performing a very warm reception. The dean of the church priest Sergey Efimov greeted everyone with past holidays and presented small gifts to the performers.

January, 13th

On the 13th of January, Christmas charity fair was held. Before the fair begun the Church’s dean priest Sergey Efimov held a moleben after which father Sergey greeted everyone with the Nativity of Christ and with the opening of the fair.

Holiday spirit was created by the performance of the folk miniature team “Matreshechki”, children choir “Rozhdestvenskie zvezdochki” of Razvilka’s church, author and singer Vasiliy Scheglov. Children read poems, members of the Youth club performed a few ballroom dances, and everyone was amazed by the show prepared by older group of “Serebryannie kliuchi”, under the direction of Oksana Nikitina, who sang Christmas songs and carols to the accompaniment of psaltery.
Within the fair there was also organized an exhibition “Belyakovskoy Monograviury” – a unique sparkling painting implemented on metal with a needle and a knife. Russian painter Liudmila Belyakova does not use any paint while attaining over a hundred color shades and inconceivable effect of painting’s glow from the inside, dimension and holographic always changing condition.

Among the fair participants there were representatives of Co Ltd “Sdelano in Gzhel”, author’s ceramic work for exhibition and sale was prepared by Leonid Chernov, Tatiana Akulova and Yuriy Mukhin. Guests of the fair could buy a variety of farm products from Belarus and Russia. Everyone was treated with sweets, cookies, spice cakes and hot tea from samovar.
This fair is taking place for the second year in a row and attracts more and more guests that allows to witness orthodoxy and carry good news of the Saviour’s arrival to the world.

January, 10-11th

On the 10th and 11th of January kids from the kindergartens №45 “Skazka” and №15 “Zolotaya rybka” visited the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church of Razvilka. The excursion for the kids was led by priest Petr Zorin, the cleric of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church. Together with the priest children were learning about the events of baby Christ birth while examining the wall paintings.
During the holidays Razvilka TV has shown Christmas greetings prepared by the members of the “Christoslavy” team.

January, 7th

On Christmas day members of the creative team “Christoslavy” under the Church of Saint Reverend Joseph Volotskiy of Razvilka visited pensioners,

who were not able to come by themselves to the Church, with holiday greetings and Christmas carols.

January, 1-5th

From the 1st until the 5th of January the youth club of the Joseph Volotskiy’s Church of Razvilka went on a pilgrim’s trip through hallowed places of Kaluga episcopate.
Traditionally the pilgrimage has begun with a moleben about travelers which was held by the Razvilka’s Church dean priest Sergey Efimov. 

The Sharovkin’s Monastery of the Holy Dormition in Iliinskoe village was the first stop of the pilgrim’s trip. Pilgrims were given the hearty welcome by matushka Ksenia (the one and only cenobite).

The first day in the monastery was devoted to labour in praise of God. Men were working outside: taking to pieces obstructions from wood boards and old fence remains, cutting and chopping wood for further heating of the Church. Women were busy with preparing meals.
On the second day, with the effort of Ralvilka’s youth, the spruces were placed in the Church for the Christmas holidays.  The trees were then decorated with sweets, candies and garlands and fresh flower compositions were arranged in the Church. There was a scent of upcoming Christmas everywhere.

The next day was spent at the most hallowed monasteries of Kaluga region. During the Divine Liturgy pilgrims were praying at the Optina Convent of the Presentation of the Mother of God. After the Liturgy everyone could kiss relics of the Optina Reverend Elders. For the evening service all took off to the Shamordino Convent. The most powerful impressions were created by the icons which were painted by the conventual community and decorated with beads. Shamordino’s sisters fed their guests who later on took back to the Sharovkino monastery.

On the next day pilgrims helped to finish off with decorating the Church and before leaving they brought chopped wood, heated the Church and brought water in.
The pilgrims were back to Moscow late night, but the road back was fast and good. The souls were bright and light.




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