Russian Orthodox Church. Moscow Metropolis. Diocese of Podolsk and Lyubertsy.
Vidnovsky Deanery, Razvilka settlement


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Church history

The church of Reverend Joseph Volotskiy is situated near the Moscow Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) in the southern part of settlement Razvilka not far from Ascherino village. The building of the church began on May, 24, 1999 with the blessing of metropolitan Krutitskiy and Kolomenskiy Juvenaly. The first stone was placed by Tikhon, the bishop of Vidnoe. The first public liturgy was conducted on April, 7, 2002 on feast of The Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady. This parish is active since 2002. The construction works are not finished yet, and services are held only in the lower part of the church consecrated with the little consecration in the name of Reverend Joseph, Father Superior of Volotsk cloister.

The five-domed brick church combines the features of Byzantine and Old Russian architecture styles and was planned double-decked. Basement level has a special architectural solution. A low rotunda, which comprises the altar and the church itself, is surrounded by a gallery. The stained glass windows are placed very high, almost under the ceiling. The church is illuminated by a beautiful church chandelier - horos. The upper level, which is planned to be consecrated in the name of Reverend Sergiy Radonezhskiy, is designed in a different way. It has three altars, it is high and full of light and it's architecture is a traditional cross-dome.




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