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1 July

On the 1st of July, 2012 there was a cycle race organized on a route Molokovo-Mamonovo-Besedy-Ostrov.

Participants of this cycle race, who were led by the dean of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God’s Church priest Dmitriy Berezin and the clerk of St. George’s church of Vidnoe city deacon Oleg Osadchiy, have traveled about 30 km along the country road and visited 5 churches.

In Razvilka bicyclists were met by the dean of Joseph Volotskiy church priest Sergiy Efimov and the leader of church’s youth club deacon Petr Zorin. All people interested have visited the under construction church and went up the forty-metre high bell tower. After that there was a tea party organized for everyone.
Representatives of the youth club of the Joseph Volotskiy church have joined the ranks of cycling pilgrims and took pictures and all together continued the cycle race. 
Of all 24 participants the youngest was 3 years old (he traveled on a back seat of his father’s bicycle).

29 June

On the 29th of June, 2012 at the regional center of culture and leisure in Vidnoe city there was a commencement held at Vidnoe professional college.

Graduates have been congratulated by acting head of country administration of Razvilka settlement Markina B.S., director of Vidnoe professional college Nerubenko S.M., dean of the Joseph Volotskiy church of settl. Razvilka priest Sergiy Efimov.

College director thanked father Sergiy for effective cooperation and expressed his hope that cooperation between the church and the college will take a higher lever in the following school year.

Father Sergiy congratulated graduates with this special and joyful moment in their lives. He wished then luck in work, peace of mind, joy, patience in overcoming life’s difficulties and most importantly – God’s help in upcoming swim in a sea of life and do not forget that without God’s help we can’t do anything.

28 June

On the 28th of June in Razvilka settlement an inauguration of public garden “City of Childhood” was held.

The first deputy of the head of Lenin municipal district administration Seleznev Alexey Petrovich,

acting head of country administration of Razvilka settlement Markina B.S., dean of the Joseph Volotskiy church of settl. Razvilka priest Sergiy Efimov, students of school

and kindergartens of the settlement were present at the inauguration.

After entering words father Sergiy aspersed with holy water the marker which was stamped with public garden’s name and he thanked everyone who made an effort in building three playgrounds and the fountain located in the public garden.



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