Russian Orthodox Church. Moscow Eparchy, Vidnoe Diocese, settlement Razvilka

How to reach the church

Domodedovskaya metro station, 1-st carriage from the center.

Exit twice to the right and then go straight ahead.

Bus or minibus #356 to the station Church of Joseph Volotskiy

or bus oк minibus #355 to the station Swimming Pool and then 5-7 minutes of walk.



There is biblical circle
at our church
Everyone who wants to learn
Scripture, we are waiting
every Saturday at 15.00
in the building of the gymnasium
(recommended to have
the text of the Bible).

Within the circle, we read together
the various passages of the Bible,
the places that we often hear
during the liturgy;
we will try to understand
their meaning, we turn
to the patristic interpretations.


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